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When: May 5th - June 30th

Opening Reception: May 5th, 5pm-8pm


11 Clinton Ave, Jamestown, RI


A portion of the proceeds will go to Out of the Box Gallery
which is the inspirational home to over 30 artists working
in diverse mediums. The gallery is operated by Looking
Upwards, Inc.
, a non-profit agency supporting individuals
with disabilites to live fulfilling lives. For details or volunteer
opportunities please contact: Casey Weibust at cweibust@

Please Join Us!

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24" x 48", Oil on canvas

Why I Want To Give

Mary Jo Roberts Charity Show Brother images lightened.png

The Out of the Box Gallery holds a special place in my heart  because of how they supported my brother, Chris, when he  lived with us here in Jamestown. At the time, it was under  the agency called Bridges, Inc. Lisa Rafferty and her staff  helped me so much, and took such wonderful care of Chris in  our home, and in the gallery/workshop.

Having my show here lets me give a little something back to  this organization and helps keep this amazing space available  for so many individuals with disabilities that thrive in an art  studio that allows their creativity to blossom.

Mary Jo Roberts

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At Looking Upwards we listen to dreams and support people to move towards what they want in their lives.

Founded in 1978, Looking Upwards is a private, nonprofit agency offering a wide array of services to adults with developmental disabilities and children and youth with special healthcare needs.

Our programs have one overall goal, to support people in leading rich and satisfying lives. To reach that goal, we listen. We partner with the individual and family members to develop a personalized plan. With the resources of our caring team of professionals, we assist the person in realizing dreams such as success at school, gratifying work, enjoyment of relationships and participation and inclusion in the wider community.

Farms, Flora, & Fauna
of Rhode Island

Painting Supplies

Donate to support art classes at
Out of the Box Gallery!

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